About Us

We give you the sky advantage….

Our goal at Yapstar is to provide excellence in elevated imagery, video and other UAV services in Jamaica.
Our talented team is experienced in video editing, motion graphics, videography & photography.

We were inspired to use our passion in radio controlled aircrafts and new technology to capture
aerial footages through various UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) platforms.
Here at Yapstar our curiosity continously expands for additional possibilities.


Nikoli YapManaging Director and UAV Pilot

Nikoli has over 4 years experience in UAV flying and building. He has piloted remotely controlled airplanes, helicopters, multirotors. Nikoli is one of the most experienced in Jamaica with UAVs from piloting to building & maintenance.

Marc YapDirector, Camera Operator, Video editor

Marc comes from the videography profession. Getting very smooth, dynamic shots from an Unmanned aerial vehicle is not an easy task and Marc has extensive experience filming a vast array of different subjects. He is also a creative video editor, all of our videos were editing by Marc.